Living with Grief

Image about how grief works
Years ago, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross wrote the famous text "On Death and Dying" that articulated five stages of grief - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. While each stage is indeed something we experience, what she will tell you today is that she never intended anyone to think those stages were linear. They can occur and reoccur, overlap, or never happen.

The image above is one of many representations of the grief cycle that have appeared on the internet. The point is, there is no straight line when it comes to grieving. It's a lot like a roller coaster - ups and downs, unexpected turns and twists, and the bottom drops out when you least expect it. I am here to take that ride with you.

If I could add anything to this image, for the straight line on the left, I would add "how society wants you to grieve". We are inherently uncomfortable with mourning. We want others to "get over it quickly" and "move on" and as a result, those who grieve can find themselves isolated and alone.

Loss can come in so many ways - the loss of a pet, divorce or separation from a loved one, losing your job, and countless other ways. No matter how you experience grief, I will share that journey for however long you need. I provide individual and group coaching sessions. Please contact me to learn more