Reiki is an AMAZING, loving, gentle, non-invasive form of healing. During a Reiki session I apply my hands directly above or lightly on the fully-clothed body. Reiki brings the body to equilibrium and boslters the body's natural healing capacity. It directs energy through the body to restore depleted energy, remove blockages of negative energy channels, and to restore balance to the whole of the body.

Reiki is a desired complement to traditional care, so much so that it is enjoying a growing presence in hospital and hospice settings. For example, the Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative Medicine includes Reiki as one of the complementary therapies available to patients. You can read more about their Reiki therapy program.


There are many questions about Reiki - what is it, is it a religion, does it heal? For starters you can download my Reiki fact sheet which details the origins of Reiki and describes the Reiki session.

  • Reiki is an energy healing method that is holistic - it impaces the body, mind and spirit
  • As a Reiki practitioner, I faciliate healing by passing energy through my hands to your body for the purpose of reducing stress, alleviating pain, bringing about relaxation and stimulating your body's natural capacity to heal
  • Reiki is not a religion - if you connect to a higher being in a particular way, Reiki honors that connection and reconizes it as a source of healing.
  • Reiki supports all living beings and can be shared with plants, animals, waters, virtually our entire planet
  • Reiki complements traditional medical care and is never a substitute for professional medical advice and care

I am trained in the Usui Method of Reiki studying under Christine Eartheart.

Reiki Master/Teacher

The journey through which I became a Reiki Master/Teacher was one of the most profound, humbling, and healing experiences. My training took place over 18 months and included more than 50 practical hours outside the full day workshops. The training included learning about my own self-care, learning to not just share Reiki with others but to fully integrate it into my life, and five essential ways of being.

Just for today, do not anger, do not worry, and be grateful. Honor every living being and work honestly.


These are the five Reiki Precepts to which Reiki practitioners adhere. There are variants, but the ones above shape my life. As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I strive to live a life of lovingkindness and one that is focused in the moment - hence the "just for today". As part of my Reiki practice, I encourage both my clients and my students to embrace mindfulness and attention to the present.

Reiki is an essential and beautiful part of my daily life, I look forward to sharing it with you!