Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes, workshops, and retreats are held in the Indianapolis area and in LaPorte, IN. Contact me to schedule a Reiki event in your area.

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The schedule for 2018 Reiki classes is nearly complete. Classes are held at A Mindful Place in LaPorte, IN and Quest for Balance in Crawfordsville, IN. Sign up below to get updates about these classes, workshops, and Reiki retreats.


Your Reiki journey begins with Reiki Level I
You will begin to cultivate your relationship with energy and develop the understanding that is necessary to work with the energy of Reiki. Together we will explore the rich history of Reiki and learn the Reiki Principles - five loving statements to guide our daily lives. We will identify the seven chakras and energy centers, talk about the origin of dis-ease, and discuss related topics. Reiki I is a hands-on learning experience in a supportive environment and is ideal for to anyone wishing to deepen self-awareness and personal growth. The Reiki I class includes:

  • Comprehensive manual explaining Reiki history and principles, Chakra energy system, exercises, meditation and hand positions
  • Interactive experience including discussion, lecture and experiential practice with fellow learners
  • Deepened self-awareness, understanding of self-care and a series of exercises to connect with the abundant life energy of Reiki
  • The Reiki Level I Attunement and Certification
No prior training is needed - anyone can experience the blessings of Reiki!
This course deepens your relationship with Reiki. We will learn the powerful Reiki symbols that cultivate emotional and mental healing and learn how to share Reiki at a distance. We explore Reiki in the context of self-care and fundamental to the ability to offer healing for others. This class is open to Reiki students who have taken the first level of training, and who feel called to deepen their experience of Reiki practice in their lives The Reiki II class includes:
  • Learning how to heal the past and empower the future
  • Inquiry around how to develop intuition and build connection with our inner guides
  • Distance healing techniques
  • Meditation, especially connecting the body to the heart and our emotional being
  • How to clear energy fields
  • Additional Reiki symbols
  • Comprehensive manual and resources for additional study
  • A wonderful community of other Reiki learners
  • The Reiki Level II Attunement and Certification
Students must have completed Reiki I with a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher before enrolling in Reiki II.
This two-day class prepares the student for mastery with a balance of inquiry and hands-on practice. Reiki III brings focus and confidence to your practice and provides tools for advanced Reiki practice. The Reiki III class includes:
  • Experiential training and a supporting manual to sustain your learning throughout Reiki III
  • A way to personalize Reiki as a unique expression of your healing gifts including additional daily practices of meditation
  • Training in additional Reiki symbols
  • Attunements and integration of the blessing of Reiki into your life
  • A comprehensive manual, reading resources and coaching support between workshop sessions
  • A continually growing community of fellow Reiki lovers
  • Basic information about teaching Reiki in preparation for the Reiki Master/Teacher certification
  • Reiki Level III Attunement and Certification
Students must have completed Reiki II with a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher before enrolling in Reiki III. Each of the two day experiential sessions are conducted several weeks apart. Students must attend both classes to be certified as a Reiki Master.
This self-paced class is intended for those who wish to teach Reiki. Students must have completed Reiki III. While not required, it is expected that you would have already offered 25 one-hour hands-on Reiki healing sessions and 5 15 minute distance Reiki sessions. Reiki Master/Teacher training is a personalized experience that includes ongoing coaching; a comprehensive study guide with additional readings, journaling assignments and other exercises to deepen your relationship with Reiki; and access to online resources to support your growth.

Successful completion of Reiki Master/Teacher training includes a minimum requirement of hands-on and distance healing sessions in order to fully master the gift of Reiki; regular reflective writings that help you demonstrate mastery and understanding of Reiki; and the opportunity to create your very own personal Reiki curriculum.

The Reiki Master/Teacher Certification is open only to those who have completed Reiki I, II and III with a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and must be completed within 12 months.